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Composites (GRP) & Synthetic Marble | Paints & Coating, Printing Inks & Construction Chemicals
Rubber & Plastic products | Personal & Home Care, Cosmetics & Pharma

Manufacturer Product Range  
BÜFA Composite Systems GmbH & Co. KG Speciality resin systems, gelcoats, polyester pigments, release agents & process machines
Cabot Corporation Cabosil fumed silica
Dura Cobalt, Potassium, Copper and other metal accelerators for UP Resins
Freudenberg Performance Materials SE & Co. KG Glass & synthetic surfacing veils
Lantor BV Wide range of core materials & synthetic veils
LKAB Minerals Ltd. Flame retardant additives and a wide range of inert fillers & minerals
Mechemco Industries Wide range of unsaturated polyester resins for composite applications
Pergan GmbH Wide range of catalysts, accelerators & initiators for curing several resin systems
Polyplex Corporation Polyester release film for pipe winding & cable applications
PPW-Polyplan GmbH Tools & accessories for GRP production
Potters Ballotini Limited Solid and hollow glass microspheres as performance functional fillers in a variety of resin systems
TR Industries Mold release waxes & liquid release systems